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Another Magpow leading products “3 minutes adhesive reinforcing hang dry glue”launched onto market

Another Magpow leading products “3 minutes adhesive reinforcing hang dry glue”launched onto market

“3 minutes adhesive reinforcing hang dry adhesive”totally replaced the marble glue and its weather resistance lasts for 20-30years which would completely prevent the events of casuality caused by falling stone material from happening
The MS Qiu -secretary-general of the pack of curtain wall committee of the National Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development visited our group
(The left side of the second is MS Qiu ,while the right side of the second is the CEO of our group )
Curtain wall plays the indispensable role trough way of domestic construction development.However,in recent years,events of casuality caused by falling curtain wall which is called "construction cancer " happens frequently.Ms Qiu remarked that ten years is an obstacle during the usage process of curtain wall.Dry hanging structure adhesive is the key to sole the hidden danger in curtain wall.To solve the "ten years usage pain ",we should start with the dry haging structure adhesive.
The express provision issued by nationnal state stipulated that the dry hanging of the stone material must be done by dry haging structure adhesive and the process must accord with the “Stone curtain wall metal and stone curtain wall engineering and technical specification”.On the grounds of characteristics of the stone dry hanging curtain wall,the "Dry hanging stone curtain wall with epoxy adhesive" stipulated 6 mandatory indicators and specific quality index of the adhesive usage of the construction and decoration projects
The "untimed bomb" hanging on th top of the head
For a long time,to lower the cost and seek the convenience of the construction,many construction organizations replaced the stone dry hanging adhesive with the marble adhesive which caused great potential risks.
The main components of the marble adhesive is unsaturated polyester resin. The weather resistance and ageing resistance of it are inferior.Also the performance of the marble adhesive was easily impacted by the wather change. The adhesive strength of it was low and it do not resist to high temperature ,being readily slacking,lack of shear force and have short service life

The "3 minutes adhesive reinforcing hang dry adhesive" fully replaced the marble adhesive and solve the "Ten years pain" of the curtain wall.

Due to the long curing time of the epoxy which would affect the construction process,many construction organizations are still using the marble adhesive.To solve the difficulties,the Hunan Magpow construction adhesive technology institutions researched the "3 minutes adhesive reinforcing hang dry adhesive".It would cure within 3 minutes,its ageing resistance for 50years,weather resistance for 30years,and the shearing strength for over 20 Mpa. The product has won the "national key new products" issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology , "National Torch Plan" project honor and has become the world's leading products.
“3minutes adhesive reinforcing dry hanging adhesive ”‘Detection devises including waterproof properties,the duration of the weather,transpression, peel,fracture?resistance,drawing. The technical characteristics of “3minutes adhesive reinforcing dry hanging adhesive ”researched and produced by our group are better than the requirements of "Dry hanging stone curtain wall with epoxy adhesive" through repeated verification and collection of detection
The secretary general MS Qiu inspected the epoxy sealant produced by our group and had a good understanding of the excellent technical characteriastics of good extensibility and high and low temperature resistance,weather resistance,ageing resistance and he paraised our group repeatedly.
Product developer are gluing on the spot and the glue cured within 3minutes which made the secretary general exclaim in great surprise
Ageing resistance for 50years which means there will not be phonomenon like cracking, aging, blistering, loss of sticky and so on ,the stone will not fall under the condition of wind, sun, rain, ultraviolet radiation, high and low temperature and so on
Weather resistance for 30 years which means that being pasted or dry hung in the external walls, stone material will not fall, the project is completed without replacement and maintenance costs
High shear strength which means that being pasted or dry hung in the external walls, stone material will not fall and the project is completed without compensation
The “3minutes adhesive reinforcing dry hanging adhesive ”enjoy the characteristics of high shearing strength which is higher than 20Mpa.Also the stone material,being pasted or dry hung in the external walls would not fall to cause the casuality which would prevent you from prisoning.
curing within 3 minutes which does not affect the construction efficiency of workers and the progress of the project
Excellent technical performance and the most important indicator of glue is weather resistance and long time aging resistance.Our group was designated as "the national stone adhesive aging base"
After understanding the excellent technical performance of the product,Ms Qiu Secretary-General was very excited and said that the successful research of "3 minutes bonding bonded dry hanging glue, make up for the domestic curtain wall dry hanging structure of the performance defects and crack the curtain wall "ten years of pain!For the safety of the people, this product should be extended to the country
Conference hall of the group(Part of the conference picture exhibition)
During the visit to the group office, the chairman of the group visited the group hall with Qiu secretary.Our group owns a round table high-end conference hall, a small meeting room, 500 large conference hall, more than 100 training room, etc.The Group will provide conference venues for the National Housing and Urban Council.The "National curtain wall symposium" can be held at the headquarters of the Magpow group.
In the group exhibition hall, Qiu Secretary-General personally provide Magpow group with the divine words" I wish Magpow group an infinitely bright future.The eight magnificent words are some kind of wish and honor and are the fully affirmation to the nearly three decades of rapid rise and development and brilliant achievements of our group.With the care and support from the leaders in the community ,the Magpow group will set a higher threshold, for service quality and product quality assurance and save the quality of the soul in the heart to bring real exclusive service for customers.

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